In like a Lamb...

I so wish I had a lamb pic to share! Instead...The winter garden (3.1.16)

February was a total blur and even with the extra #LEAPDAY I couldn't get my act together to post an update here!

We spent the last weekend in February cleaning up the garden and direct sowing Larkspur; checking on our fall sown flowers (Yarrow looks amazing, as does the Rudbeckia...Foxgloves not so much!). The most exciting things happening around here right now are that the Peonies we planted just a few short months ago are totally popping up - It is so exciting - And we are putting in a 500SF greenhouse over the next few weeks! I have to pinch myself to believe it.

Spring is literally around the corner, you can feel it when you step outside! So excited to have blooms again, to be outside in the dirt again, to build on last year, to continue to learn.

Thanks for following along!!